What is DuckReward?

DuckReward is a global social rewards platform that brings you up to date news. It's like any other social network like facebook or instagram but the only difference is, you get paid for your activities.

How can I join DuckReward?

By clicking on 'Sign Up' button on the homepage or if you are on any other page, you can find sign up button on top navigation bar.

How did you come up with the name DuckReward?

The name 'DuckReward' comes from the famous golden duck story that we've all heard of in our childhood. Every user on DuckReward gets a duck that gives them eggs everyday. And, those eggs can be redeemed towards wallet cash or gift cards based on the country you are in.

What's the lifecycle of eggs?

Some users create multiple account and use malicious programs to earn eggs. To avoid such fraudulent activities, eggs that you earn are added in 'Pending' initially and after verification, if your activity is genuine, your eggs will be credited in your account.

How can I redeem eggs?

Redemption options depend on the country where you are signed up from. Go go Rewards to check the available options.